Bar & Bat Mitzvah Zoom Preparations.
Join Us on An Inspiring Journey to Prepare You for One of The Most Significant Milestones of Your Life!

Who are we?

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation offers an educational tour that chronicles the historical journey of the Jewish people. This experience will deepen the bond that Jews around the world have for the Western Wall and Israel, their national homeland.

The Shahak program is named after Amnon Lipkin Shahak, a military officer and Israeli politician. Amnon devoted his life to reuniting the Jewish Nation regardless of the many traditions within Judaism. He believed that only through social responsibility and unity can we exist as a Jewish nation. We are proud to continue Amnon’s ideals by offering this program for all Jews who visit the Western Wall.


We invite you to take part in one of our popular Bar/Bat Mitzvahs at the Western Wall. Join as? on an exciting journey in order to prepare you for one of your first stepping stones life has to offer!

Our plan was created in order to tackle the issues of today in a new fashioned way with consideration to our core values as a Jewish nation that are responsibility, belonging and responsibility. We go back to our ancient Jewish wisdom and values in order to teach you how to believe in yourself, trust what you believe and to overcome life’s hardships. We do this with thrilling activities, deep conversations and other exciting surprises. We empower you by revealing your uniqueness and create a stronger bond with yourself, your family, your legacy, to the Holy Wall, Jerusalem, Israel and many more.

First encounter

This is me! (one on one)

Bar & Bat Mitzvah is a transition time from childhood to maturity and it’s the perfect time for you to discover your uniqueness, skills, personality and everything that makes you,well you!  This year is a time for you to understand these things about yourself and love it so that you can spread your love and happiness to your family,community, nation and the world.

Second encounter

Our parents, Our Roots

During this encounter we will learn about the values that were imprinted in your family over the years. You will connect with your roots and to those who nurtured you to become who you are today! You will enjoy activities that will strengthen your connections with your parents.

Third encounter

Writing the next page of your amazing story! (with your family)

Each and every one of us is an imported figure in the greatest story of all: the Jewish nation’s story.

You are a link in a beautiful and powerful chain of the written history of the Jewish nation. We will try and help you understand what this means, the powerfulness and the responsibility we have to write a good story.

Here you will nurture your pride in the connection and belonging to the Jewish history and accomplishment.

Fourth encounter

A blast from the past! A virtual 3D tour (small group)

Explore the charm of the ancient and mysterious western wall tunnels with a live tour.

You will have the opportunity to see archeological sites that not many get the chance to see, as well as learn what it has to do with the year of your bar mitzvah.

Fifth encounter

A change in the world starts with you! (small group)

During this special year, you will become an official member in the community; it’s a right that comes with responsibility. 

Learn about social entrepreneurship – “Tikkun Olam” and leadership and get insights from a social entrepreneur in the Jewish world that will share their journey with you.

Sixth encounter

Ready, Set ,Fly! (one on one)

We summarize our journey at a live breathtaking ceremony from the Western Wall!

For singing up, questions & more information, we will be glad to assist via email

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